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Welcome visitors!  

Thank you for sharing my hobby with me, and for joining me on this journey.  Three years ago, I decided to buy a camera, and give photography a try.  I wanted something more than just a point and click, we'd had those before and they were nice for vacations and family events, holidays and birthdays... things like that.  But for anything else, they just didn't cut it.  I wasn't sure then if I was going to enjoy photography as a hobby or, frankly, if I would ever be any good at it.  So, I decided to go for something that would be a good learning camera, but would also be a good one for family type photos if I decided that this was not for me.  I chose the Nikon D3300, as recommended by several friends and the guy at the camera shop.

At first I was timid, and left the settings on Auto.  I didn't want to mess up a bunch of vacation photos while I was learning what all the bells and whistles did.  But that's not really any different than a point & click, is it?  So I took some classes locally and learned the very basics of operating my DSLR.  ISO, Aperture, shutter speed, lighting and how to use all of these to create the effect you want.  I started to get more bold, and moved the dial to Aperture.  Halfway there.  But as time went by and the contents of my camera bag grew, so did my confidence.  One day I took the plunge and turned the knob to Manual.  I haven't looked back.  Go big or go home, right?

I quickly realized that nature was what I wanted to photograph the most.  Out in the fields, or standing on the shore is where I find peace.  I could stand in a meadow of wildflowers all day and watch the bees and butterflies working hard.  I could sit on the shore of the lake (any lake), or the ocean and listen to the waves for hours.  So, naturally this is what I like to take pictures of.  When it came time to pick a name, it wasn't too hard.  Most of my photos are either taken by a lake or in a field, so...

Honeybee on Thistle Monarch on Cattails Dragonfly on Milkweed

Anyway, I decided to open this website and offer some of my photos in a variety of formats, so that I could share some of my favorites with you.  With a lot of gift options available here, you can then share them with others or yourself.  This is not my career, though someday it may be a retirement career... but I do hope to continue to fund my hobby and buy more new toys!  Just being honest!  

So, thank you for visiting.  Create an account, follow this blog, and sign the guestbook.  That way you won't miss anything new when I post it.




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