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Squirrels: Pesky Rodents or Cute Little Buggers

April 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Living on a lake, we tend to see an assortment of wildlife.  I've seen everything from Possums, to rabbits, chipmunks, deer, bald eagles and just about every other kind of bird you would expect to see in Michigan.  Waterfowl of all kinds, fish, frogs... so many spiders.  But I think we have more squirrels than anything else.  Or maybe that's just because I happen to like squirrels.  Yes, they're loud and messy, and I wouldn't want to touch one for fear of what diseases it may be carrying.  But they have such personality.  They're curious and acrobatic.  They're a lot smarter than most people give them credit for.  And they're just so darned cute.

I love photographing wildlife whenever it crosses my lens, but I've actually gone to lengths to attract the squirrels.  In our neighborhood we mainly see grey and black squirrels, but I have also seen brown ones and I can hear the rather shy and elusive red squirrels at times.  I've taken so may shots already that I gave these little guys their own gallery: Take a look, see if there are any that would look good on your wall, or in any of the other gift items available.  Imagine a set of adorable squirrel coffee mugs, or refrigerator magnets.... or even a portfolio style case for your cell phone.  Check back often as I intend to keep taking pics of these pesky rodents.


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